Our Lady of Loreto Black Rosary


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Our Lady of Loreto Black Rosary

Luminous Legacies:

The Our Lady of Loreto Black Rosary is inspired by the profound history and sacred significance of the Holy House of Loreto. This revered relic, now housed in the Basilica of the Holy House in Loreto, Italy, is believed to be the very home where the Annunciation took place, where Mary conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit. It is a place where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph lived, and it has become a symbol of divine presence and maternal love.

This exquisite rosary captures the essence of the Holy House with its black and gold design. The Hail Mary beads are made from black onyx, representing the deep reverence and solemnity of the sacred relic. The Our Father beads are crafted from golden citrine, symbolizing the divine light and warmth that Mary brings into our lives. The combination of black and gold reflects the colors associated with Our Lady of Loreto, creating a regal and elegant aesthetic.

At the center of the rosary is a gold-plated medallion depicting Our Lady of Loreto, serving as a powerful reminder of her miraculous presence and ongoing intercession. The rosary is completed with a simple yet elegant gold-plated crucifix, symbolizing the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus and the unwavering support of his mother.

Allow this rosary to guide you in your spiritual journey, offering solace and strength through the compassionate heart of Our Lady of Loreto. Embrace the beauty and depth of this rosary, and let it be a constant reminder of the love and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Key Features:

  • Rosary color: Black and gold.
  • Five-decade Rosary length: 18-inch
  • Semi-precious gemstone: Natural black onyx beads.
  • Accent beads:  Natural golden citrine beads.
  • Metal findings: Gold-filled spacer beads, gold-filled bead caps, gold-filled round wire. 
  • Crucifix: Gold-plated Crucifix pendant.
  • Centerpiece: Gold-plated Madonna medal rosary center.
  • Gift Suggestions: The Our Lady of Loreto Black Rosary makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a variety of occasions. It is an ideal present for baptisms, first communions, confirmations, weddings, and Mother's Day, as well as for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, or anniversaries. With its elegant design of black onyx and golden citrine beads, this rosary is perfect for those who have a deep devotion to Our Lady of Loreto. Whether you are looking for a Catholic prayer bead set, a rosary for meditation and prayer, or a unique gift for someone special, this rosary is a timeless and cherished choice that will be treasured for years to come.
  • Made to order in the USA

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Materials & Care

Gold Filled:

Gold-filled is made by bonding a layer of 14- or 12-karat gold to a brass core, creating a tarnish-resistant surface with only gold visible. The metals are fused using heat and pressure and then shaped to specific sizes. The gold content is 5% by weight, and this type of metal cannot be cast. Gold filled has a much thicker layer of gold over the base metal compare to gold plated.

Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver, with the remaining portion typically being copper, added to enhance the silver's strength. Recognized as a precious metal, sterling silver is prone to tarnishing, a natural chemical reaction that happens when silver comes into contact with air. Fortunately, this tarnishing can be easily reversed.


While Sterling silver is an alloy with 92.5% silver and 7.5% usually copper. In contrast, Argentium silver has more pure silver (93.5% or 96%) and includes germanium. Argentium is more durable, has a higher melting point, and is easier to work with than sterling silver. Additionally, Argentium is significantly more resistant to tarnishing, being seven times more tarnish-resistant than sterling silver.

Gold Plated:

Gold plated involves electroplating a thin layer of gold over a base metal like brass or copper. There's no set standard for the karat weight or thickness of the gold layer in gold plated items. The color of the gold can vary depending on its karat weight; for example, 14k gold tends to have a lighter yellow hue, while 18k gold usually appears with a darker yellow color.

*All of our metal materials come from certified sellers in the USA.

Care and Maintenance for Your Rosary:
  • Handle your rosary gently to prevent damage to the beads or links.
  • Store it in a safe, dry place when not in use to protect it, such as in a TLB pouch or box.
  • Clean the rosary periodically with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • Avoid exposing the rosary to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and moisture.
  • It's still a good practice to give your rosary some rest and ensure it's stored safely after use.