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The beginning

Meet The Founder

Monica, hailing from the rich tapestry of Indonesia, is the soulful force behind The Luminous Beads. Her illustrious career as an architect has seen her footprints in many parts of the world, but it was the United States that she came to call home in 2001. Even as she embraced diverse cultures and architectural landscapes, her inner compass always pointed to her deep-seated Catholic heritage.

Central to Monica's spiritual journey is the Rosary. This cherished family tradition, with its intricate beads and meditative prayers, became a pillar in her life. It served as both a reminder of her faith and a bridge to her Indonesian roots and beloved family. Each bead she caresses, every prayer she recites, evokes rich memories and love, a testament to the unbreakable bond that knows no boundaries of distance or time.

At The Luminous Beads, Monica's passion for design meets her profound faith. She has poured her heart into each creation, hoping to offer you not just a piece of prayer tool, but a meaningful connection, a memory, a prayer. As you explore, may you find a piece that resonates with your own journey of faith and love.


The Luminous Beads is more than just a brand; it's a testament to a journey of faith, love, and the guiding presence of Jesus and The Blessed Mother, during life's toughest challenges. This journey speaks to the strength of the human spirit and the power of complete surrender in God's divine plan.

Cancer has left an indelible mark on my family. It first touched us in 1994, when my father received his diagnosis. Through his remarkable strength and grace, we were blessed with five additional years of cherished moments together. However, the specter of cancer returned in 2016, this time targeting my mother. As we navigated this new challenge, we turned to our Catholic faith, consecrating her illness to Christ through the Eucharist Adorations and finding strength in the Rosary prayers. My mother's journey with cancer ended in April 2022, but not before teaching us the true essence of grace, faith and complete surrender.

But as one chapter closed, another began. Just a couple hours after my mother's passing, my husband, Daniel, faced his own cancer diagnosis. Traditional treatments, particularly chemotherapy, were sadly ineffective as his body rejected them. Faced with a dire decision - surgery or the likelihood of only three months to live. We made the difficult decision to step away from the medical route, choosing instead to fully embrace the precious moments we had together.

We found strength in prayers, consecrating Daniel's battle to Christ through the Eucharist Adorations and the Rosary prayers. We fully embraced our journey, whatever it might bring, and prayed for the grace of complete surrender, "Not My Will But Yours Be Done". A year later, in a routine checkup, we were met with a miraculous revelation: the cancer had vanished, with no medical explanation.

This experience deeply transformed us. Eucharist adoration, once a routine practice, now holds a profound, life-changing importance. Every Liturgy of the Eucharist and prayer is now a deeper, more intimate connection with Christ. Receiving the body of Christ has become a moment of intimate communion with Christ, allowing me the most profound and intimate communication with my God, where I am immersed in a profound sense of peace, love, and spiritual fulfillment. This experience has redefined what complete surrender means to me. It's a deeper, more powerful concept that speaks to the heart of my faith. I've learned that in surrender, there's an immense strength and peace. Fear no longer holds the same power over me.

The Luminous Beads

A pivotal trip to Bali in 2019, initially planned as a reunion with my mother, unexpectedly rekindled my childhood connection with local orphanages. It was during this visit that I created and presented my first handcrafted Rosary to my mother, crafting a memory that would soon become one of our most treasured final moments together.

This convergence of personal memories and trials combined with my interactions at the orphanages and my deep passion for design, gave birth to The Luminous Beads. More than just creating elegant rosaries, my vision was about creating a place where others could discover their own bond, seek comfort, strengthen their faith, while extend a helping hand to the very orphanages that had touched my heart. Each rosary stands as a testament to deep faith, love, and the transformative journey that led me here.

Today, The Luminous Beads stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and unwavering devotion. Through it, I aim to breathe new life into the Rosary tradition, hoping that each bead and prayer can become a source of comfort, connection, and faith for others, all while championing a noble cause close to my heart.